Week 2

The Best of Week Two

Grave of Fireflies

Best Film: Grave of Fireflies  

Best Director: Nuri Bilge Ceylan (Once Upon a Time in Anatolia)

Best Script: Fabián Bielinsky (Nine Queens). In a genre that depends out great screenwriting, Bielinsky produces a very tight and snappy script.

Best Actor or Actress: Two excellent performances from children this week, and it’s tempting to give an award to the entire cast of Once Upon a Time in Anatolia. I’ll go with Ayano Shiraishi in Grave of Fireflies — I can still hear her voice.

Best Moment: The silent blackout scene in Once Upon a Time in Anatolia when the man’s hauntingly beautiful daughter delivers tea with lamplight. A great achievement to communicate so much with so little.

Best Use of Sound: Nothing this week that really stands out.

Best Use of Visuals: I’ll give this to Roman Polanski for Knife in the Water. I have many reservations about the movie, but there’s no faulting Polanski’s command of staging and imagery.