Week 11

The Girl On The BridgeBest Film: The Girl on the Bridge. A near-perfect romantic comedy: Whimsical, witty, sensual, and perfectly paced.

Best Director: Götz Spielmann (Revanche). Close one — very strong cases to be made for Patrice Leconte (The Girl on the Bridge) and Fatih Akin (The Edge of Heaven).

Best Script: Serge Frydman (The Girl on the Bridge). Strong honorable mention to Fatih Akin for The Edge of Heaven.

Best Performance: Ursula Strauss (Revanche). Several other standouts, including Daniel Autel and Vanessa Paradis (The Girl on the Bridge), Rachel Mwanza (War Witch), and Baki Davrak (The Edge of Heaven).


Best Moment: I love the magically sweet moments in The Girl on the Bridge when Adele and Gabor talk to one another — with perfect but of course ease — across distances.

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