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Vampyr (Day 99)

My Opinion: 7.5 || Disorienting, nightmarish horror film that deserves multiple viewings. The passage of time might have decreased the movie’s capacity to scare, but the visual thrill is undiminished.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Day 62)

My Opinion: 6.3 || A trippy horror movie from the dawn of feature-length film. Like any 92-year old, it’s pretty creaky and won’t strike fear into anyone. But it’s a crazy ride, with fabulously… Continue reading

Cronos (Day 58)

My Opinion: 6.9 || Good fantasy-horror fun, with a very entertaining premise and excellent balance of humor, chills, and tenderness. Wonderful economy in the storytelling too — not a wasted minute and the short… Continue reading

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